Caught on video: DNR says cougar spotted in central Wisconsin

NEILLSVILLE, Wis. (WSAW) -- The DNR says a trail camera south of Neillsville captured an image of a cougar in last month. They believed the same animal was also spotted in Marathon City.

A third, but unconfirmed sighting was also reported in Waupaca County.

According to a news release from the DNR, it is unknown whether the photos are of the same cougar, but given the timing and distance, that is a possibility.

The last confirmed cougar sighting in Wisconsin occurred in July 2015. No cougar sightings were confirmed in Wisconsin in 2016 - this marked the first year since 2008 without a confirmed sighting.

Most cougar confirmations in Wisconsin resulted from reports by private citizens.

Cougars are a protected species in Wisconsin and hunting is not allowed. Cougars are not considered a threat to public safety, and in the unlikely event that a person is confronted by a cougar, face the animal and spread your arms and open your coat or jacket to appear larger.

If a cougar approaches, make noise and throw rocks or sticks.

To see the trail camera video, click here

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