Veterans stories transformed into music creates powerful CD of warrior songs

Jason Moon's music is striking a cord with others about life after war.

In May, CBS 58 first introduced you to Moon, a veteran who tried to commit suicide during a struggle with PTSD.

"It definitely goes into the darkness, but if you listen to it, it'll leave you with some hope which is what we're trying to do," he said.

For the last five years, he's collected stories from veterans about their traumatic experiences. Musicians helped turn them into melodic expressions on a CD titled, "If You Have To Ask...Warrior Songs, Vol. 1."

"There's a song about a man who was raped in the military by his drill sergeant," said Moon.

It's a harsh reality, but Moon said it's critical that veterans know they're not alone. Statistics show an average of 20 veterans commit suicide each day.

"Less than one percent of the population served in Iraq or Afghanistan," he said. "It's too much for them to carry so they have to share it."

But Moon doesn't want the donated money and studio time for this project to start and end with just veterans.

"Hopefully a civilian will listen to this, enjoy it and think a little bit more about what it means to serve your country and the sacrifices that people make," he said.

It's a holistic approach to healing and understanding in an effort to bridge the gap from the battlefield to home.

"If You Have To Ask...Warrior Songs, Vol. 1" costs $10 dollars and is available online. Veterans can get a copy for free. Visit this website to learn how to do that and contribute to the next project.

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