UW System unveils 'Tuition Promise' program for underserved students

NOW: UW System unveils ’Tuition Promise’ program for underserved students

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The University of Wisconsin System announced what it's calling the "Tuition Promise" Monday, a way to help underserved students who want a college education. 

"While the UW System is very affordable, it is not affordable for everyone."

System President Jay Rothman came to Milwaukee Monday to announce the program. It starts in the fall of next year and will allow students from low-income families to attend any UW System university without paying tuition or fees. 

Obviously, that's an expensive proposition, which Rothman addressed.

"The system will support, for the first year, the cost of the Tuition Promise," Rothman said. "And then we are going to partner with the Legislature. I think, we hope, the Legislature views this in the same way we do, as a great investment in the long-term success of the state of Wisconsin."

Rothman said an estimated 8,000 students will be supported through the program once it is fully implemented over four years.

Eligible students will be awarded an average of $4,500 over four years. 

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