UW Madison Police Department investigate terrace chair thefts

The UW-Madison Police Department is investigating the theft of a large number of Memorial Union Terrace chairs that happened in June. 
\"We just learned about the theft, which occurred last month,\" said Marc Lovicott, Communications Specialist at UW Madison Police Department
UWPD was notified that 16 of the iconic yellow, orange, and green chairs disappeared sometime between June 11 and June 13. Each chair is worth approximately $250, making the total loss $4,000.
For the last several years, UWPD has partnered with the Memorial Union in an effort to deter theft of Union Terrace chairs. While an overnight security guard has been added to the Terrace in recent years, theft continues to be a problem.
UWPD is asking for the community’s help in finding those responsible for these recent thefts — and past thefts.  
Some colors are available for purchase, but any green, orange, or yellow Union chair that’s off campus is likely stolen property. If you see a green, orange, or yellow chair, please call UWPD at (608) 264-COPS to file a report.
If you’re caught with a stolen Terrace chair, you could fines upwards of $500.
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