USPS carriers forge through Sunday snow to deliver packages

MILWAUKEE -- Sunday usually means a day of rest for U.S. Postal Service Carriers,  but not on a snowy weekend before Christmas.

\"It's not easy today,\" carrier Jeff Miller said.  \"Seventy degrees and sunny is a lot easier.  Driving around is going to be challenging.\"

Miller is one of five carriers who pushed through the storm with boxes from the Post Office on Teutonia and Florist in Milwaukee Sunday.

\"On a good day with no snow, you might be able to do it in three hours,\" Miller said.  \"It might take three and a half, four hours now.  Especially driving on the roads, you can't drive very fast.\"

The Post Office brought in workers back-to-back weekends to help with increased volume this  holiday season.  The Teutonia location is up 39 percent over last year.


\"Everybody's waiting for their packages,\" Customer Service Supervisor Pam Stelse said.

Stelse helps manage the staff, making sure they're ready to go.

\"Putting your cleats on, putting your vest on,\" Stelse said.  \"A little more safety is involved with the  extra snow added on.\"

Miller went to about 20 homes with his first batch of deliveries.  Even with a reflective vest,  guiding headlight and a good pair of boots, he makes sure to take his time.

\"There's a lot of black ice around here, especially with the weather the last couple days,\" Miller said.  \"You almost gotta kind of walk like a penguin.  Take real short steps.\"

Miller's van got stuck on side streets several times.  But seeing a look of joy on people's faces makes the challenge worth it.

\"It'll make it really special,\" Ernestine Wilkerson said after getting a package from Miller.  \"I love it.\"

\"We like to please our customers so they keep using us instead of our competitors,\" Miller said.

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