UPDATE: Milwaukee Fire Department called to gas leak at Hawley Road

Milwaukee Fire Department are assisting WE Energies on a gas leak at 660 S Hawley Road.
They were called out at 8:56 AM and are there to assist the WE Energies gas leak. 

Construction crew was digging into the sewer and struck a service line, not a main line. A service line only goes to one customer, as opposed to a main that could affect an entire block or area.

The gas is just blowing into the air and they don't see any reason for concerns regarding safety.

They're sending a second crew to help dig down to repair it. 

Hazmat has not been called out.

We Energies stopped gas from leaking. 

We Energies are in the final stages of repairing the broken gas line as of 2:30 PM.

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