Two 12-year-old girls charged in Waukesha stabbing

WAUKESHA -- Two 12-year-old girls accused of stabbing another 12-year-old girl on May 31, 2014, appeared in court today. Both girls are charged Attempted First Degree Intentional Homicide.


According to the criminal complaint, the two 12-year-old female stabbing suspects were fans of a website called It was on this website the girls say they learned about a man named Slenderman. One of the girls told police they wanted to be a Slenderman proxy, and needed to kill someone in order to become a proxy.


One of the girls says she told her friend they needed to become proxies of Slender in either December 2013 or January 2014. One girl told the other, \"We have to kill [victim] to prove ourselves worthy to the Slender.\" That girl says they could do it on her birthday weekend when all three girls would be together. 


The girls confessed to planning their attack on the victim for months, even using code to describe how they'd attack so others couldn't figure it out.


All three girls stayed at the birthday girl's home on the night of May 30th. One girl told police the plan was to place duct tape over the victim's mouth and stab her in her sleep. They planned on covering the girl's body and run while people thought she was sleeping. Since the girls stayed out at Skateland until 9:30 p.m., the duo postponed their plans to kill the victim until the next day.


The girls left to play in the park the next day. The two stabbing suspects initially planned on killing the victim in a park bathroom and locking the door after they left. Those plans fell through so the two girls ganged up on the victim to stab her 19 times in the woods. The girls allegedly took turns stabbing the victim. The victim told the suspects, \"I hate you. I trusted you!\" 


The complaint says after the stabbing was done, the victim got up and tried to walk to get help. One of the girls took the victim's hand and pulled her in the opposite direction. The victim fell and that's when the suspects say they left her for dead. The suspects left the wooded area and walked to Walmart on S. West Ave.


The victim eventually crawled out of the wooded area where she was discovered by a bicyclist. The victim was rushed to Waukesha Memorial Hospital for surgery. She remains in stable condition.


Medical professionals report the victim was one millimeter away from certain death. They say one of the stab wounds was a millimeter away from a major artery that would have caused the victim to bleed out in minutes.


If convicted, both girls face up to 60 years in prison. Both girls are being prosecuted as adults.


Waukesha Public Schools sent this letter to parents:


A very tragic occurrence took place on Saturday, May 31, 2014, involving middle school students that attend Waukesha schools. The incident did not take place on any school grounds or during school hours.


Please know that we continue to promote and maintain safe schools for all students, including doing our best to monitor and address situations between students that can have tragic consequences.


As our thoughts and support go out to the victim and her family, we have also provided counselors at all schools where this may have caused distress among students. 

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