Two 12-year-old girls arrested in Waukesha stabbing incident

WAUKESHA -- A 12-year-old girl was stabbed in Waukesha, near Big Bend Rd. on May 31, 2014. Police say two other 12-year-old girls are responsible for this stabbing.


Police say the two girls lured the victim into a wooded area near Rivera Dr. and Big Bend Rd. One suspect held the victim down while the other girl stabbed the victim 19 times in the arm, legs and torso.


The 12-year-old victim was able to crawl out of the wooded area where she was eventually discovered by a bicyclist. The victims was rushed to Waukesha Memorial Hospital for surgery. She remains in stable condition.


According to police, both 12-year-old suspects had an interest in a website with a collection of stories about death and horror. Police believe the two girls had been planning to kill their \"friend\" for several months.


Both 12-year-old suspects were arrested by Waukesha County Sheriff's deputies hours after the stabbing. The knife used in the attack has been located.


Police are holding both 12-year-old girls on charges of Attempted First Degree Homicide. Police are recommending both girls be charged as adults. Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack says the girls are old enough to be prosecuted as adults.


Waukesha Public Schools sent this letter to parents: 


A very tragic occurrence took place on Saturday, May 31, 2014, involving middle school students that attend Waukesha schools.  The incident did not take place on any school grounds or during school hours.


Please know that we continue to promote and maintain safe schools for all students, including doing our best to monitor and address situations between students that can have tragic consequences.  


As our thoughts and support go out to the victim and her family, we have also provided counselors at all schools where this may have caused distress among students.  


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