Train derailment still causing problems

Milwaukee--  A freight train that derailed on Milwaukee's south side is still causing problems.  10 cars from a Union Pacific train jumped the tracks near the Clement Avenue Crossing Sunday.  All of the cars remained upright and none of the ash and clay being hauled from Milwaukee to Chicago spilled.  The trains were rolling through the intersection on Monday, but the crossing on Clement Avenue near Holt remains closed to vehicular traffic.  Union Pacific has several inspection teams looking into the cause.  The Wisconsin Railroad Commissioner is also working to determine what caused the derailment.   \"We work closely with the railroad, with the local community.  Obviously I've gotten lots of calls from local elected officials wondering when this segment of road is going to open up again. From my perspective, I want to make sure there was nothing that failed with the signals, with the circuitry.  Even though it's still under investigation those are still questions that we're looking at,\" said Jeff Plale.  He says the crossing will remain closed to traffic for a couple of days until the concrete between the rails is replaced.

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