Tourists flock to Milwaukee for NCAA Tournament

NOW: Tourists flock to Milwaukee for NCAA Tournament

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Tourists from across the country traveled to Milwaukee for the NCAA tournament on the weekend of March 19.

CBS 58 spoke with an array of people from different states who made the trip. 

"We're here for March Madness having a good family time with my son, brother and law and nephew to take in the games at the Fiserv," said Chris Knight. 

"I came up from Des Moines, Iowa. I got here yesterday and am staying here watching Wisconsin play tomorrow," said Garrett Hove.

People spent time Saturday visiting the most popular tourist attractions. 

"We came from Madison but not too far away but it's always fun to visit a sister city in the same state and just explore what there is out there," said Katie Kolakowski. 

CBS 58 also spoke with a couple who came in from Austin, Texas. 

"We came here to the Milwaukee Public Market. We ate at Maders earlier that was awesome," said Caroline Jones. 

"We've been kind of bar hopping and checking out the scene around here. Deer District is pretty sweet," said Hove. 

"We're just exploring trying to stay out of the rain and the cold, but this is a cool place, we're glad we found it," said Missy Boothe. 

Some fans also gave CBS 58 their game-day predictions for the Wisconsin game on Sunday, March 20. 

"We're going to be outnumbered so it's going to be a hostile environment, but I'll take the clones. I feel good we match up well with Wisconsin," said Hove. 

The game starts at 5:10 p.m. Sunday, March 20 at the Fiserv Forum.  


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