Tour Port Washington's 1860 Lighthouse or get on the list for next summer's resident lightkeeper program

NOW: Tour Port Washington’s 1860 Lighthouse or get on the list for next summer’s resident lightkeeper program

PORT WASHINGTON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Did you know you can tour Port Washington's 1860 Lighthouse? Since restoration in 2000, people have been able to take a tour of the old building. 

"You get to tour the inside, and the main floor, and the second floor lightkeeper's office and the tower," said Andrea Cole, the volunteer coordinator for the Port Washington Historical Society. 

But for some, one visit to the top just isn't enough. That's why they're planning to start the resident lightkeeper program in the summer of 2024. 

People will be able to stay the night in the lighthouse for a week or two, but their job duties will be a little different. Instead of refilling the lamp oil, they'll be in charge of giving tours to people. 

"It's a great way to make use of the buildings because they're not being used as lighthouses anymore," said Cole. 

After stopping at the 1860 Lighthouse, Port Washington encourages people to enjoy life by the lake from Dream Port Harvest Market to the Harborview Hotel's Beacon restaurant.

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