This Rescued Kitty in a Sock Sweater will melt your heart

(CNN) It's a kitten wearing a tube sock as a sweater.

Has your heart melted yet? If not, consider this: the kitten was rescued in Raleigh, North Carolina during the height of Hurricane Matthew.
Rodrigo Greco and his two children were browsing the aisles at a Pet Smart when an employe asked if they'd be interested in adopting a cat.
"I said, 'Hmm, not really, but maybe, why?'" Greco told CNN.
He took one look at the kitten, and he was sold. When his wife saw her, it was a done deal.
That would be that for this story, if a woman, who uses the Twitter handle @crysomemore, hadn't snapped a picture of the adorable feline in her sock sweater.
The woman, who would only give CNN her first name Sarah, said she was at the store to to purchase a tag for her cat when she decided to check out the pet adoptions.
"Anyone who wishes they could have adopted the sock sweater kitten should check out their local shelter," Sarah said. "Lots of cats and dogs need homes right now and would love to meet you!"
As for our feline friend, she now has a name: Pipes. And she's found a new friend in the Greco family and their dog, Amelie.
"People need happy ending stories after all sadness of the hurricane," Greco said.
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