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The Steps to Take Following a Car Accident That Isn’t Your Fault

The moments immediately following a car accident can be very confusing and sometimes even scary. Here are some important steps you should always take following an accident, particularly when you’re not at fault.

Gather the necessary information

  • Get the other driver’s name, contact information, insurance company name and policy information.
  • Take extensive pictures of the scene to ensure you properly document the full extent of the damage from the accident.
  • Obtain statements and contact information from any witnesses.

Get in touch with the right people

  • Contact the other driver’s insurance company and relay the details of the accident. Ensure that their insurance has accepted liability before going ahead with any repairs.
  • Seek legal representation to ensure you recover the necessary financial damages.

Understand your injury coverage. Have a strong grasp of the extent of your personal injury coverage and that the at-fault driver will cover injury expenses without affecting your insurance rates.

Know and seek what you deserve. Know that you are entitled to compensation for any damages and injuries if you are not at fault. Ensure that you receive the correct compensation for your accident.

It’s important to understand that should your attempts to seek rightful compensation with the at-fault driver’s insurance company fail, there is another option. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, the attorneys at Hupy and Abraham are prepared to take your case and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys can be reached at 800-800-5678 or via online chat 24/7 at hupy.com.

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