The Packing House Will Be Open for Packers Falcons Game on Sunday

The Packing House restaurant made headlines when it decided to close for the first time in 42 years so as not to conflict with last Sunday's Packers Game.

But given the early afternoon start time for this Sunday's match up against the Falcons, the owners have decided the legendary eatery on Layton Near Howell will be open and for what they hope will be a celebration dinner.

Chris Wiken of the Packing House says their workers and customers will have plenty of time to enjoy the game and then get ready for the prime dinner hour.

Besides, they'll have plenty of televisions playing if you want to see a repeat of all the highlights.

"So hopefully people can come in an celebrate the Packers winning the NFC Championship and going to the Super Bowl," Wiken told CBS 58 News.

The bar manager and chef are already working on specials that represent Packer pride and the sense of community that comes with being a longtime business with a loyal fan base.

Still in discussion, whether or not they've set a precedent and may have to shut down on Super Bowl Sunday.

Stay tuned!

The Packing House is located at 900 E Layton Ave. in Milwaukee.

(414) 483-5054

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