Suspects target unlocked cars in Whitefish Bay

October car break-ins are plaguing Whitefish Bay.

Unlocked cars are the target, and it has neighbors on edge.

"We've been pretty good, but unfortunately the other night was just one of those nights where we forgot. We forgot and we had our car broken into as well. Fortunately nothing was taken, but it's defintely a good reminder to lock our cars at night," says Michael Knoller,

"They went through my wife's and my car as well as some neighbors around here,” says Andrew Kuhnmuench,

Police say so far this month, thieves broke into 14 cars, all of them unlocked.

One was stolen overnight Friday, only to be found a short time later in Milwaukee.

In another instance -- police say someone tried to break into a car -- but the doors were locked.

"It's really unsettling. This is a very safe area, and we're not used to hearing about this," says Jennifer Childress.

It's a crime of opportunity that law enforcement agencies say can be avoided by doing one simple thing -- locking the door.

"I've been here for over thirty years. This is a little bit new. A new experience. When I was growing up we wouldn't have to lock our doors every night, but times have changed,” says Knoller.

"Hopefully it stops, now that the weather is getting a little colder. Maybe people will stay inside and not be looking to try to break in to people's cars," says Childress.

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