Supporters in Waukesha celebrate President Trump's reelection announcement

NOW: Supporters in Waukesha celebrate President Trump’s reelection announcement

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- While President Trump was in Florida, supporters in our state kicked off his campaign with watch parties.

Dozens packed the Waukesha County GOP Headquarters on Tuesday evening to watch the President announce his reelection bid. For supporters and party leaders, it marks the start of a long road of campaigning.

Supporters, volunteers, and Republican party officials cheered as they watched the President announce his reelection bid.

Those who attended applauded the President's message and his time in office.

"Many of us have focused on the economy and national security and he has made promises and he's kept them," said volunteer Mario Herrera.

Mario Herrera of Milwaukee says the President's performance has him energized.

"We were enthusiastic to vote for him in 2016, and we're enthusiastic to vote for him in 2020," said Herrera.

Party officials hope to use that enthusiasm to reelect President Trump.

"I think the grassroots efforts will be more important than ever before," said Mark Jefferson, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Jefferson says watch parties like this one are part of an effort to generate enthusiasm ahead of 2020.

"It's going to be especially important in southeast Wisconsin, because in the suburban areas we know we can run a little stronger, we know we can be a little more organized, and that can always be the difference," said Jefferson.

Democrats in the state are also gearing up for the road ahead.

The Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Ben Winkler, released a statement saying the President has a record of broken promises and that Wisconsin voters will be reacting to that in 2020.

Republican Party officials say they hope to hold more events like this one in the future as the 2020 campaign continues. 

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