Sunday Morning Spotlight: Larry’s Journey

NOW: Sunday Morning Spotlight: Larry’s Journey

An Okauchee man has a new outlook on life after becoming the victim of a freak accident. 

His is a story of survival, strength, and a community coming together in the aftermath of a terrible crash.  

Hansen was planning to replace the water thermostat housing on his beamer. A car, driven by a woman who police think was impaired, came off Highway 16 and almost out of nowhere, blasted right through his garage. Hansen’s wife Linda immediately called 911, because she thought it was an explosion.

Hansen was flown to Froetert hospital and has had at least half dozen surgeries. One of which was to remove his right leg because the injuries were so bad.

But even with all of that, Hansen is smiling because he is home.

He has made his home studio his bedroom because audio and video editing is his passion.

Meanwhile, one of the Hansen's closest friends knew she had to do something so she got a lot of people together and organized a fundraiser recently held at the American Legion Post in Okauchee.

Local businesses donated items for auction and all of the money raised is going directly to Hansen's mounting medical bills.

Not only that, the fundraiser afforded Linda to thank the first responders who helped rescue him.

“It brings a tear to my eye, so, what they did and how they go to save you...without regard to themselves," says Hansen.

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