Students take part in Waste Free Crew Day at American Family Field

NOW: Students take part in Waste Free Crew Day at American Family Field

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- "Go Brewers, Go!"

There were some familiar chants at American Family Field Tuesday afternoon. And some new ones.

"Reduce, reuse, recycle."

Brewers pitcher Brent Suter and more than 350 students took part in Waste Free Crew Day at American Family Field, going through different stations, learning how they can help the environment. It's part of a long-term partnership between Suter, the Brewers and SC Johnson to build awareness and educate fans on the importance of sustainability efforts.

"The Brent Suter/Brewers pitcher big thing I was thinking this event could do is have the kids be aware that their actions have consequences, good or bad. Waste Free Crew Day/Suter teaches students importance of sustainability efforts for everybody. The better we can live now, the better the planet will be in the future."

Suter graduated from Harvard with a dual major in environmental science and public policy. He says watching An Inconvenient Truth more than 15 years ago simply stuck with him. He's hoping to have a similar effect on the kids.

"These are the molding years for kids. The earlier we can get them caring about the environment, the better."

The Brewers pitcher spent time with the kids learning about the impacts of plastic. Now he hopes they'll take the lessons home.

"'Hey mom, I want to start compost. I want to use less plastic. What can we do? Maybe make a bird feeder, this and that.' I hope that happens and I kind of hope I'm annoying to some parents," he laughed.

Annoying, but hopefully effective. The same impact Suter hopes to have on opposing hitters. 

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