State Democrat to hand out KKK hoods at state GOP convention

MADISON -- Gubernatorial challenger Democratic State Representative Brett Hulsey announced plans via Twitter to hand out party hats to Republicans during the 2014 Republican Party of Wisconsin State Convention.

Rep. Hulsey, who represents part of the City of Madison, says he's handing out these hats to protest racist practices like racial profiling by Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

The party hats Hulsey plans to distribute at the Wisconsin GOP convention are white Ku Klux Klan hoods. Rep. Hulsey defends the controversial plan on Twitter saying, \"What is inappropriate is @GovWalker #WIGOP attacks on the poor, women, working families.\"

Rep. Hulsey is one of two Democratic challengers who are working to remove incumbent Republican Governor Scott Walker. Rep. Hulsey will face off against Mary Burke this fall in the Democratic primary.

The 2014 Republican Party of Wisconsin State Convention is scheduled to take place from May 2-4 at the Wisconsin Center located in downtown Milwaukee.

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