Spring Time Check

It's been nice to see the sun linger this morning and into the early afternoon. Even though that lake breeze at times has been halting our spring like weather, we are still seeing some improvements even on our cool and cloudy days. We're now about a third of the way through spring and days continue to get longer and longer. When we hit the Vernal Equinox on March 19th, sunrise was at 6:56 AM and sunset came in at 7:03 PM. that gave us just over twelve hours of daylight. By the way, the high and low that day: 37° and 30° respectively, with a trace of snow. Fast forward a month and our sunrise is now 6:01 AM with sunset at 7:41 PM. That gives us about thirteen hours and forty minutes of daylight. Today our average high is 56° and we've been holding steady right at that mark this afternoon. Overall, April is still trending cooler than average by a couple degrees.

As we inch closer toward the solstice, our longest day of the year, we'll continue to add a couple minutes of daylight each day. The Summer Solstice arrives on June 20th, which is just two months away. At that point sunrise will occur at 5:12 AM with sunset at 8:34 PM. That brings us to fifteen hours and twenty two minutes of daylight. As we head in that direction we'll also continue to see our average high and low rise. By the first day of summer the average high temperature is 77° and the average low is 59°. The low is then warmer than the normal high this time of year! That's something to get excited about! And even after we cross the solstice and our days then get shorter, average temperatures continue to climb. It's just another positive weather factoid to keep in mind while we patiently wait for that lake breeze to ease up. By the way, that lake breeze takes a break tomorrow with another day of 60s on tap.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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