Spring Cleaning...Time to Get Your House in Order

NOW: Spring Cleaning...Time to Get Your House in Order
Bay View -

If you're sick of all the piles of stuff, now's as good a time as any to consolidate, especially with so many of us in spring cleaning mode.

We spoke with the owner of "Mighty Organized" in Bay View, Jenny Rushizky, and she says only keep what you really love.  If it's hidden away in a box for a long time, say a year, you're probably meant to part ways with it. Also, don't put pressure on yourself.  Go at your own pace and get it done bit by bit.

Every house has something called a "landing zone." This is the area where you first dump all your stuff when you come in from the outside.  The professionals say this space should be organized because it sets a tone for your entire home. 

To learn more about organizing where you live, click on the attached links.  One is for "Mighty Organized."  The other one is a great link I found.  It's 25 ways to de-clutter your house in one month.  It's very thorough but not intimidating.  Check it out.

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