Speaker Ryan: Op-Ed writer "living in dishonesty"

Speaker Ryan: Op-Ed writer “living in dishonesty“

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke out Thursday against an anonymous critique of the president, from a senior official allegedly in his administration.

"It doesn't help the president, so if you're not interested in helping the president, you shouldn't work for the president as far as I'm concerned," Ryan said.

Ryan added that the writer was "living in dishonesty" and said people should focus on what the government has accomplished.

"I know his tweeting and unconventional tactics bother people, but the results of government are good results."

Sen. Ron Johnson said, “It’s anonymous, so how can you really judge the credibility of somebody who’s not willing to step up to the plate and identify themselves before they start making these types of accusations? There’s really not much to say because it’s an anonymous source and you have no idea what the credibility is.”

UWM Professor Mordecai Lee said the New York Times has earned the benefit of the doubt.

"I think it's important that we understand that the New York Times would not publish this frivolously. I think they've established themselves over the last 150 years that they're a reputable newspaper."

Congresswoman Gwen Moore released this statement on the column:

“As I stated over a year ago in the wake of Charlottesville, President Trump’s behavior undermines our national dignity. His increasingly erratic conduct is now threatening our national security. If senior White House officials believe Trump is unfit to perform the duties required of the presidency, they should finally act, do their duty to the American public, and invoke the 25th Amendment.”

Lee said this could be seen as a check on the president.

"The suggestion that the person either should resign or should identify himself or herself, but in the context of what the person said, I think we as citizens should feel that maybe this is a good thing."

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