"Something needs to be done:" Several aldermen plan to vote to override Mayor's veto

NOW: “Something needs to be done:“ Several aldermen plan to vote to override Mayor’s veto

On Tuesday, the Common Council approved a resolution that would ask the state to draft legislation to allow the council the authority to remove the police or fire chief.

"The majority of the common council agreeing to take a major step and that says something. That shows there is something seriously wrong here and something needs to be done," said Alderman Tony Zielinski, District 14. 

The council approved it with an 8 to 6 vote but Mayor Tom Barrett quickly vetoed it. 

Under current state law, only the fire and police commission can do that. 

Some aldermen are looking to override the mayor's veto. 

"The crime level in this community is not acceptable for anyone to say it's the new norm. This is not what the common council is about," said Alderman Mark Borkowski, District 11.

Mayor Barrett has made it clear from the beginning that he did not support the resolution. The Common Council will be voting to override the veto on November 7th. 

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