Some Wisconsin theaters agree to play 'The Interview' despite North Korea threats

The controversial film The Interview will now be shown in theaters across the country and right here in Wisconsin. At least two movie theaters in the state have agreed to pick up the movie.

Already theaters in Fond du Lac and New London have vowed to play the film on Christmas. Some people we spoke with say they'd line up to see the film despite recent threats from North Korea.

Sara Becker says, \"I'm not freaked out at all, I think going to see it is a vote for freedom of expression that's what's important about it, even if it's a horrible movie.\"

Hackers posted warnings of 9-11 type attacks if the film is played. Bruce Johnson say it's sad the movie was pulled in the first place.

\"It's the world we live in, with cyber threats, I'm not surprised. It's the first time, hopefully we can control it.\"

The movie focuses on two journalists played by Seth Rogen and James Franco whose mission it is to kill North Korea's leader.  Karen Meyer says her only issue is the movie gives free publicity to the North Korean leader.

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