Snow hits Wisconsin, temperatures will soon drop

Snow had Wisconsin residents shoveling after a mild winter snowfall. Soon below zero temperatures will be headed our way. When it comes to snow, like it or lump it becomes the age old question we face when old man winter pays a visit. But at Waukesha's sledding hill the consensus is-\"like it.\"

Lillie Blum, 5-years-old, armed with sled in hand says, \"I think it's cold that's what I think.\"

Lillie and her 9 year old brother Atreyu Blum are facing a recent snow fall head first as they made their way down the hill with reckless abandonment.

Lillie Blum says, \"First you go up the mountain and then you go down. Up and down and up and down.\"

For their dad it's just great to finally have an excuse to get the kids out of the house.

Corbin Blum says, \"We're pretty outdoorsy and we've been looking forward to this the whole time. Better late than never.\"

But not everyone is feeling the love. All Teresa Mathers sees is heavy lifting. She spoke with CBS 58 while shoveling her driveway, \"My back is killing me right now and I just got out here 5 minutes ago.\"

Winter in Wisconsin, you either put up, or are put out. Either way it's here to stay. Next week below zero temperatures could make it dangerous to be outside without proper layering.

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