Slippery driving conditions during mid-April snowfall

This mid-April snowfall is causing treacherous driving conditions across Wisconsin. Wisconsin State Patrol is warning drivers to stay off the roads Saturday night.

While the winter weather may be an unwelcome surprise to many, with snowy and slippery conditions on Wisconsin roads, Wisconsin State Patrol Trooper Alex Medina said drivers need to practice winter driving, such as keeping distance and driving below the speed limit.

“It’s unexpected, but you’ve got to be prepared for anything in Wisconsin. It’s April and it’s pretty much winter,” Medina said.

Medina is expecting to respond to several crashes due to poor driving conditions Saturday night in Waukesha County.  

“With the weather conditions as they are today, some typical calls we will get are disabled vehicles, motor vehicles that have run off the roadway and motor vehicle crashes,” Medina said.

Waukesha County has deployed salt trucks Saturday night. The City of Milwaukee has 90 salt trucks on the road Saturday night.

For road conditions, head to the Wisconsin DOT website.

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