Slender man stabbing suspect appears in court, says she hears voices

She heard voices, so does that mean her attempted murder case should be moved back to juvenile court?

Wednesday, one of the Slender man suspects is trying to sway the judge to do just that. Morgan Geyser was 12 years old at the time of the Slender man stabbing. She's accused of stabbing on of her friends 19 times in a wooded area in Waukesha last year.

In a purple top, and in handcuffs, Morgan Geyser swayed back and forth in her chair during her hearing Wednesday.

\"Morgan needs treatment, extensive treatment now and into the future,\" said Psychologist Deborah Collins.

Collins has interviewed Morgan Geyser several times.

\"No one suspected that based on observation of Morgan that she was faking it, so the conclusion is that she is mentally ill,\" said Collins.

Collins told a courtroom Morgan believes fictional characters are real.

\"What she has eventually come to say is that she has heard voices. She hears the voice of a woman named Maggie. She also says she hears the voices of Harry Potter characters,\" said Collins.

Morgan said Snape, another Harry Potter character, visits her in her cell and once stayed until 3 a.m.

She believes these are her only friends.

\"Morgan is adamant in her perspective that she does not want medication. She has been told that the medication, by a clinician, not myself, that the medication will take away the voices. She wants the voices to stay and she doesn't want medication,\" said Collins.

Morgan is not receiving any medication for mental illness right now.

Her 6th grade math teach was one of the last to testify on Wednesday. She said Morgan was a good math student, but that she had social problems.Morgan was also caught playing with blood on her fingers once.

Testimony continues on Thursday.

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