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Sheriff David Clarke says County Executive's budget is "retribution"

MILWAUKEE-The Sheriff called out the County Executive Thursday right in front of Chris Abele's office.

David Clarke says the new budget does not give him $4 million more.

\"Chris Abele's 2015 budget for public safety is not a budget. It is retribution, just as I predicted,\" Clarke declared during a press conference. \"He has no respect for election results that do not go his way.\"

The Sheriff says the budget actually means $5.7 million in cuts.

As a result, he would have to lay off 19 more sheriff's deputies and eliminated 11 command staff positions.

The argument over numbers centers around the transfer of management of the 9-11 center from the Sheriff to the County.

This is similar to the transfer of power that occurred with the House of Corrections a couple of years ago.

\"Abele's political mischief is not only dangerous, it's unacceptable,\" said the Sheriff. \"He's manipulated his own budget document.\"


At the request of CBS 58 the County Executive agreed to answer questions. His office wants it known that this was not a scheduled press conference. County Executive Abele has no desire to go \"toe to toe\" with the Sheriff.

\"We're putting together a coordinated emergency center,\" said Abele, \"which has the support of all the fire chiefs and police chiefs. He $3.9 million more in tax levy.  So, he's getting more despite having to do less.\"

Abele suggested that the Sheriff go to the state to get more money.

The Sheriff urges taxpayers to do their own research and decide for themselves who they believe.

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