Sheboygan father allegedly used dog's shock collar on daughter

SHEBOYGAN -- 28-year-old Zachary Kacmar is charged with Physical Abuse of a Child after allegedly shocking his seven-year-old daughter with a dog's shock collar.

The criminal complaint says Kacmar admitted to putting the collar on around his daughter's neck on August 30 and triggering the device. The seven-year-old victim says she took the collar off and ran upstairs to her mother. Kacmar's wife told investigators she waited a week to report the incident, because she didn't want her husband to get into trouble. 

Kacmar told police he was surprised the collar actually worked on his daughter and took her. The criminal complaint says the girl was not seriously injured. The criminal complaint says Kacmar agreed this was a bad idea and he didn't think through the consequences of his actions.

If convicted, Kacmar could serve up to six years in prison.


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