Severe Weather Awareness Week: Tornado Info

NOW: Severe Weather Awareness Week: Tornado Info

With Severe Weather Awareness Week upon us, let’s look at tornadoes and what we see in Wisconsin.

The last five years have either been at or below average for the tornado count. 2017 brought the first tornado death in Wisconsin in over a decade. This is why it is so important to practice during our mock times late this week. On Thursday, April 12th mock tornado watches and warnings will be issued around the state. Please participate in these mock drills to help you and your family prepare for severe weather and tornado season.

The peak time of year for tornadoes in Wisconsin is usually late May and June, and will run until late summer. Tornadoes can happen anytime of the year, and February is the only month a tornado never occurred.

Then National Weather Service issues on average 11 Tornado Watches per year. The most tornadoes on record to take place in one year is 2005 with 62.

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