Scrap yard fire causes evacuations

Several people were evacuated Thursday morning after 3-alarm fire at Roz Auto Salvage near General Mitchell International Airport

\"I just hoped that i had a home to come home to,\" said Adrienne Stanger.

A scary thought for her and others living near Roz Auto Salvage.

\"Roz completely engulfed in flames. It was actually fireballs coming up from the building,\" said Stanger.

When she drove home she was told she couldn't stay.

\"About that time, a police officer was coming door to door and said 'We got to get out of here,'\" said Stanger.

Police told her they were asking those living in a 2 block radius to evacuate.


They were allowed back in their homes a little over an hour later.

CBS 58's Lila Carrera reports.

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