Schools use panic button to prevent violence in schools

MILWAUKEE-- We told you earlier this month about violence against teachers is in Milwaukee Public Schools. After that story aired officials at the Wauwatosa School District reached out to tell us they have a possible solution.

Tom Seidl, Principal at Plank Road School in Wauwotosa says the solution to violence in his school is a small panic button on every teacher.

\"If there is an emergency and teachers feel they need help right away, they activate the button.\"

He says security guards respond in less than 30 seconds.

Seidl says, \"It allows you to get the maximum number of people to a situation and location as quickly as possible.\"

So we decided to activate the button.

Seidl explains, \"The signal goes to the office and my computer and the assistants computer, then security people will also be notified on a pager.\"

It cost the school about $23,000 for the system. He says it works so accurately that it can tell which room or bathroom someone pushes the button from.

Since the school put in the panic buttons, he says they've never had to use it.

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