Roundy's installs Plexiglas barriers in grocery stores to help stop spread of COVID-19

NOW: Roundy’s installs Plexiglas barriers in grocery stores to help stop spread of COVID-19

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Wisconsin grocery store chain is doing its part to make the shopping experience safer for everyone.

Roundy's is installing Plexiglas barriers in its stores at checkout. It’s a new shopping experience, inspired by safety, and it’s one most customers say they appreciate.

CBS 58 visited the Metro Market on Van Buren Street on Sunday.

Transparent dividers separate the customer and the cashier as a way to protect everyone from spreading COVID-19.

“That’s all right. If it helps them, it helps us," shopper Omega Gregory said.

“Shopping for groceries is necessary so whatever we can do to make things a little bit safer is a good thing," added shopper Ellis Mayne.

Soon they’ll be at customer service and inside the Starbucks here.

“Right now it’s really important just to be here for our community," Store Director Anthony Kuchinsky said.

He explained that 200 employees work at the Van Buren location, and more than 3,000 people shop there on a daily basis.

And, the new Plexiglas barriers only add to current safety and health measures.

“We’re focused on cleaning the shopping carts as we bring them inside, sanitizing the registers constantly throughout the day, cleaning the overall store each night," he added.

Roundy’s started installing these shields in its stores on Saturday.

By Friday, April 3, CBS 58 is told they will be in every location in Wisconsin – that’s 95 Pick ‘n Save stores, 10 Metro Market stores and one Copps store.

“Everyone’s pretty scared and nervous about what’s going on right now, including myself, but I do choose not to live in fear but you have to be safe," shopper Lars Kvam said.

“I’ll just be glad when this junk is over," Gregory added.

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