Ripe for The Pickin': It's Harvest Time at Barthel Fruit Farm

Every fall you can count on cooler weather, falling leaves, and great tasting apples.  According to Bob Barthel with Barthel Fruit Farm in Mequon, the time is now to get your apples.  He says it's been a tough year for growing.  In fact, the crop is only at 30% due to some tough spring frosts.  And with the milder weather recently, he says the window for harvesting is happening sooner.  But he adds just because there's less quantity doesn't mean no quality.  There are a lot of good options.  

Barthel gave me a lesson for choosing the best Honey Crisp Apples.  He said look for a yellow color and make sure the texture is a bit bumpier.  Also, if you pick apples, make sure to do it a certain way.  Don't yank.  Instead just twist.

You can also buy pears and pumpkins at Barthel Fruit Farm.  There are even "pink" pumpkins available for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  To find out more about this orchard, make sure to click on the attached link.  

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