Right on target...gun safety priority No. 1 at WFTC

NOW: Right on target...gun safety priority No. 1 at WFTC
Brookfield -

Brookfield's "Wisconsin Firearms Training Center," or WFTC, has one motto, confidence and competence, for all its clientele.  This is whether you've shot for years or are just starting.  I fall in the latter category.  Before today, I never have even touched a firearm.  I thought it would be a good idea to learn and understand what it's like to hold a weapon.  But the biggest reason I took on this assignment was to discover the importance of gun safety.

I first tried out a Glock and then advanced to a 45 Caliber.  I did better with the .45 since the trigger was "lighter" and easier to handle, in my opinion.  If fact, I hit the marked target.

WFTC offers numerous gun safety classes.  You can even rent guns here. And new this summer, there's something called "Armed Citizens Academy." This is a four-session class touching on topics like Conceal and Carry Weapon training, handgun marksmanship, and self defense law.  To sign up for sessions, make sure to click on the attached link.

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