Report: More than 400K seniors double-billed for Medicare

Report: More than 400K seniors double-billed for Medicare

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A local couple says they were double-billed for Medicare.

They're not alone. The problem reportedly impacts more than 400,000 seniors across the country.

Sandra Rubin and Gregory Stanos contacted CBS 58 and said they make monthly medicare payments online.

The money comes out of their bank accounts automatically through "easy pay." Both Stanos and Rubin were double-billed, and they're still waiting for their refunds.

"We don't know if next month they're not going to debit or refund or what," said Rubin.

"Our big concern was, well we can afford the hit, as long as it's refunded, but what about the people going from month-to-month? And now you get the cascading problems of overdraw and all this other nonsense," Stanos added.

Federal officials say the problem affects about 411,000 people who use easy pay. They're working to correct the problem as soon as possible.

Rubin and Stanos say they were told they'd get reimbursed by Oct. 1.

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