Religious yard signs in Brookfield spark debate

NOW: Religious yard signs in Brookfield spark debate

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A sign outside a home in Brookfield has been showing unusual, and for some people, troubling messages.

The man who puts the signs with religious messages in his yard says he knows some people are bothered by them, but he just wants to inspire some tolerance.

The sign bears a verse from the bible - "You husbands, show the same kind of love to your wives as Christ shows to the Church." 

A smaller sign also says "Read the Bible."

The man who puts the signs outside of his home near the intersection of Burleigh Place and Pilgrim Road says he just wants to educate people.

The homeowner also says he changes the signs every ten days or so. In the past, signs included a quote from the Quran which read "Make war until Allah reigns supreme" and "Read the Quoran."

An interfaith group in Brookfield says the signs are in bad taste.

"Someone reading a little quote pulled out on a sign, how useful is that actually going to be to the average person," said Rev. Suzelle Lynch of the Unitarian Universalist Church West.

 Reverend Lynch says their interfaith group has publicly denounced the signs, though they do appreciate the man's freedom of speech.

"I really think it's best done by somebody who is from that faith group to another person and to do it not to persuade but to have a real meeting of minds in an exchange," Rev. Lynch said.

"If they want to put a sign up and exercise their right to free speech, that's their prerogative," said neighbor Jeff Perkins.

Several neighbors said they don't have a problem with the signs and that the man behind them is a good neighbor. They hope the signs will inspire people to be a little kinder to others.

Members of the interfaith group say they haven't personally reached out to the man who has put the signs up.

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