"ReFresh Milwaukee," Continues with W. Hampton Avenue Road Constuction Project

MILWAUKEE--Milwaukee's SUpervisor of Public Works (DPW), says the project to improve a strecth of W. Hampton Avenue from Green Bay to Teutonia Avenue's would entail

  • Replacing the existing pavement with a new concrete pavement

  • New curbs and gutters, driveway approaches and sidewalks at most locations

  • Replacing storm sewer inlets

  • “Green” sustainable infrastructure improvements

Ghassan Korban-Commissioner of Public Works goes on to say that “The West Hampton Avenue project provides another excellent opportunity for the City of Milwaukee and the Department of Public Works to continue to implement ’green infrastructure’ components in our street designs.”

“This project will include seven bio retention facilities, or bio swales, in the new boulevards as well as landscaping elements that help remove silt and pollution from storm water runoff.”

Bio swales are designed with gently sloping sides with vegetation, compost and rocks that filter the water as it is held in the wide and shallow ditch. Pollutants and silt are trapped here, resulting in less polluted rainwater flowing into storm drains and sewers.


The project will be accomplished in two phases:

  • Phase 1: May 21 through approximately July 21: Reconstruction work on the north side of W. Hampton Avenue (westbound lanes). Two-way traffic will continue to operate on the south side of the street, one lane in each direction. Pavement gaps will be provided at intervals to maintain access to properties located along the street.

  • Phase 2: Approximately July 21 through November 1: Reconstruction moves to the south side of W. Hampton Ave. (eastbound lanes). Two-way traffic – one lane in each direction – moves to the recently completed westbound lanes.

Businesses along the construction corridor will be open as usual. DPW’s Support for Business program is providing signage throughout the area to help direct motorists and pedestrians to their destinations.


The Milwaukee County Transit System will maintain its current bus service on W. Hampton Ave., with bus stops moving to the medians when construction prevents stopping at the curb.


To accommodate construction and keep traffic flowing in both directions, parking will not be allowed on W. Hampton Ave. during the project. Parking will remain available on most side streets.

For more information on the W. Hampton Ave. project, please go to the DPW website at www.city.milwaukeegov/mpw.



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