Recycling items in Waukesha County is now easier

Recycling in Waukesha County is now easier.

No more separating.

You can just dump all of your items is one bin, and officials are stressing it will save people money.

Larger bins started appearing in Waukesha County on January 1st, in place of the smaller carts.

Residents no longer have to sort out their items.

There is also financial an incentive here.

The more items people recycle; recycling companies will give rebates to cities or towns, which then help lower the overall trash collection fees for everyone.

\"You don't have to bundle it, you don't have to tie your cardboard. You can dump all this. It all into one large container. And you wheel it out to the curb every other week for collection if you have automated system”, said Waukesha County Solid Waste Supervisor Rebecca Mattano.

If you live in Waukesha, and have more questions about service pick-up, call your local city or town hall.

You can also call Waukesha County's Solid Waste Department at 262-896-8300.

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