Real estate forecast looking good for 2015

Spring time means the \"for sale signs\" are going up and broker Lisa Ashley says the housing market is soaring.

Ashley says, \"Things were really booming last year, but this year things are exponentially busier than last year.\"

She says March sales are up 25 percent compared to March last year. So which areas are seeing the most movement?

Ashley says, \"Along the north shore in Milwaukee, and in Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Fox Point, all those areas have a ton of activity.\"

You also may notice more luxury apartments \"going in.\" Lisa says it shows growth in our area-- and people either returning or moving into the area.

\"Maybe it's a job relocation or empty nesters, they may be unsure of which area they want to live in, so there's a lot of new construction with apartment buildings.\"

The first quarter of 2015 alone is up 9%. It's keeping Lisa busy, and sellers getting a better deal than they bargained for.

\"Some properties with the agents in my office are getting multiple offers and getting over asking price depending on what they look like.\"

It may be a sign that the housing market is finally turning the corner.

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