Ready or Not Winter's Coming. You Ready?

I can't say it enough.  You can never be too prepared.  If you've checked the forecast, you know what's coming down the pike by the middle of this upcoming week.  Lots of cold with highs only around 32 and lows in the teens.  Having said this, is your furnace serviced for Old Man Winter?  What about your car?  Fluid levels where they should be?  Battery life okay?  Doing these little things could save you a lot of heartache deeper into the cold season. 

And while you're getting your furnace serviced, make sure to have the fireplace inspected. Perhaps buying a carbon monoxide detector would be wise too.

Your pets need to be watched carefully when it gets colder.  Limit their time outdoors.  And if it snows, make sure to wipe their paws.  Snow or antifreeze can be fatal. 

You also have to be careful in the winter weather.  Make sure you're dressed in layers and have your head and hands protected.  Also, put on a coat, even if you're going outside for a short time. 
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