Raw video showing rescuers saving an Okauchee man after a car crash pinned him in his garage

NOW: Raw video showing rescuers saving an Okauchee man after a car crash pinned him in his garage

Never before seen video of the amazing rescue of an Okauchee man after an accused drunk driver slammed in to his garage. It took rescuers from several departments around a half hour to free Larry Hansen from the rubble.

"His legs were wrapped underneath the car, so we had to dig all the debris out, we had to crib and stabilize the wall because the wall was compromised and starting to collapse," said Peter Walker, Captain of the Hartland Fire Department.

Captain Walker is the one who captured the video on his helmet camera. He was part of a team of people from several different departments, Western Lakes Fire District, Hartland Fire Department, Stone Bank Fire Department, Lake Country Fire Rescue, who all worked to pull Hansen free.

"They were working through the hole in the wall, because we had very little space, they were working in through the collapsed wall to make enough room to lift him up," Capt. Walker added.

The aftermath shocked a lot of them, including Okauchee's Assistant Fire Chief Bill Lincoln, who was one of the first to arrive.

"Because accidents like this don't normally happen where a car plows in to a garage, you looked at it and it took a couple minutes to register exactly what had happened," Lincoln said.

The training that each department received was put to use.

"If you listen to the communication between the departments, and there were multiple departments back there, it was as if they were one department, they worked so well together," Lincoln added.

Larry Hansen had the chance to shake hands with some of the rescuers, Friday, some who call him an inspiration.

"He's got such a great spirit about things, and a good outcome, is kinda how I look at it. He's just got such a great spirit," said Scott Surges with the Okauchee Fire Department.

Larry, and his wife Linda, are feeling blessed.

"With all of these fire departments, and rescue units, come together for this situation, for me, I mean, it makes me emotional when I think about it," Larry said.

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