Racine Teenager Charged After Allegedly Making Threats to Shoot Students

A Union Grove High School student has been charged with a bomb scare after he allegedly threatened students with planning shootings and making a bomb.

The student, 18-years-old, has been charged with one count of bomb scare and one count of disorderly conduct.

According to the criminal complaint, Racine County Sheriff’s Department received a report that the over the past few months the student had been making threats against staff and other students.

He admitted to being picked on often and he would reach a boiling point that he would say things he shouldn’t.

He allegedly was talking about blowing things up at his house the weekend before speaking with investigators. The charged student allegedly talked about a timer mechanism and a fuse. The charged student told police he did not have a plan to bomb and he never made a bomb.

A student said he had told him he wanted to “hurt and kill.” Another student told authorities, that during the school semester he overheard him say, “Don’t touch my bag, you don’t know if I have a gun.”

The charged student allegedly said he would pull out a gun and spray bullets and that he could fit a bomb in his backpack if he wanted to.

According to the complaint, he said he made a list of who would be killed at the school.

A student told police he did not feel safe after hearing the statements.

He allegedly told police that he could blow up the kids in the school but that he wouldn’t because he could not do a day in prison.

Allegedly, he told police that in February and March he probably said he would blow up students once a week but only after they gotten him very upset.

He, allegedly, said he understood the seriousness of what he is saying and probably should not say those things in today’s world. 

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