Racine & Me September 16, 2018: Racine Co. Marijuana Referendum, GOP Fall Fest, The Palmer, and Root River Rollers

NOW: Racine & Me September 16, 2018: Racine Co. Marijuana Referendum, GOP Fall Fest, The Palmer, and Root River Rollers

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Jacob Kittilstad took a closer look at the three marijuana-related questions that will be on the November 6th ballot in Racine County.  The advisory referendum will ask the questions:

  • Should marijuana be legalized for medicinal use?
  • Should marijuana be legalized and regulated for adults 21 years of age or older?
  • Should marijuana sales be taxed for state and local revenue?

Southeast Wisconsin NORML weighed-in on the topic and talked about why the results could guide state policy for years to come. Click here to visit their website

The annual 1st District Republican Party of Wisconsin Fall Fest will honor the career of U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan who is retiring from Congress at the end of his term. The theme of the event will be “Thanks for the Memories” and will also include visits from other Republican candidates including Governor Scott Walker, Leah Vukmir, and Bryan Steil. The treasurer of the 1st District GOP talked to Jacob about the casualness of the event – and shares his thoughts on the prospect of a so-called “Blue Wave”. Click here for more event information

If you’ve spent a good part of your life in Racine you may remember a historic wooden boat that was – for a time - docked on the South side of State Street. The nearly-century-old vessel was “The Palmer” and served as a reminder to what fishing used to be like on the Great Lakes. Maritime Historian Ron Luttrell will be giving an in-depth presentation on “The Palmer” – touching on everything from its construction to its sinking in the Root River in 2016. To RSVP call 414-228-8947 or email [email protected] 

And the Root River Rollers are once again inviting new members (or Fresh Meat, as they’re labeled) to learn how to be a member of a roller derby team. The athletes joined Jacob in-studio to talk about their equipment, the strategy, and the emotional bonds they create with their teammates. They also have a big fundraiser coming up where people can learn more about getting out to their bouts. Click here for more information about their upcoming fundraiser

Guests: Eric Marsch – Southeast Wisconsin NORML Director, Bill Jaeck – First Congressional District Republican Party of Wisconsin Treasurer, Ron Luttrell – Maritime Historian, Michelle “Machete” Guzman – Root River Rollers Fresh Meat Coach, Nicole “Hella De Vil” Miller – Root River Rollers Skater Liaison

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