Racine & Me: Second grade Racine teacher goes viral on TikTok

Racine & Me: Second grade Racine teacher goes viral on TikTok

RACINE, WI (CBS 58) -- A second grade teacher in Racine is gaining popularity on social media. 

Monique McKnight is a second grade teacher with Racine Unified School District. 

She comes from a musical family and has loved singing her entire life. Recently, she started doing end of the year remix songs on social media. This year, she decided to get students excited to return to school for the beginning of the school year by utilizing a popular song. 

McKnight rewrote a Lizzo song and posted the video to TikTok. 

"I never set out with the expectation that my first song would garner much attention, but it did. Now, my school remix songs have sort of become a “thing” where my family and friends look forward to hearing what I come up with each year. I come from a musical family and love singing. I use singing, music, and dance in my classroom all of the time. I find that the students enjoy it and it helps them to learn/memorized different things and it engages them in the lessons. I also believe that it is just one more way for them to relate to me and for me to relate to them," said McKnight. 

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