Racine & Me: Meet Pierce Vendetta & Rick

Racine & Me: Meet Pierce Vendetta & Rick

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- In this week's Ra- Sing & Me we are introduced to a trio called Pierce Vendetta & Rick.

The group started as a mother-son duet with Brennan Pierce and Tamara Vendetta.

Brennan started playing music with his mother Tamara at the age of 10. He played a Saturday two-hour showcase at Summerfest in 2006. He performed original songs. Brennan was just 16 at the time. Rachel Rick joined as a special guest and has been full-time with the band for almost 10 years. Brennan, Rachel and Tamara were part of a full band called The Soul Code in which they did mostly original pop songs.

They play original songs and covers that they remake acoustically. No particular genre or era. Just songs they really love and their audience seems to as well! Tamara and Rachel have an occasional side project called, “Songstress.”

Their next performance is at the Taste of Wisconsin on Saturday, July 30, 8:30 on the Acoustic Stage.

They will swap off on instruments (guitars and percussion) throughout the show and there will be lots of three-part harmonies.

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