Racine & Me June 24, 2018: Congressional Candidate Nick Polce, Funding the BAT, and the Family Reunion Music Festival

NOW: Racine & Me June 24, 2018: Congressional Candidate Nick Polce, Funding the BAT, and the Family Reunion Music Festival

Jacob Kittilstad continued his effort to interview the primary candidates in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District – this weekend chatting with Nick Polce who is on the Republican ballot. Polce calls himself a “Constitutional Republican” and is critical of people he considers to be career politicians – so much so that he is advocating for term limits of six years maximum for Senators and people in Congress. He defines himself as a veteran and business owner who does not have any past experience in running for office, but he says that’s what makes him qualified. Click here to visit his Nick Polce's website

Boosters for Burlington High School athletics are reviving a plan to build a state-of-the-art training facility for its students and athletes. A recent referendum showed the majority of voters were unwilling to fund the facility publicly – and now private donors are leading the discussion. Jacob chatted with organizers of that effort as well as the Burlington High School Demons Football Head Coach and a player on the team. The spoke on the positive impact a facility like this would bring to the community. Click here to visit the description page for the BAT

The Family Reunion Music Festival is a unique concert-going experience compared to other festivals in the region. Not only is it family-centered – starting as the Dan Jam Music Festival at its inception – it also includes a varied line-up of performers including poets and rappers. The event raises money for the Racine Literacy Council which provides tutoring services for people with poor reading skills. Click here to learn more about the Family Reunion Music Festival

Rapper/Singer/Emcee BLAX is one of the performers scheduled to be at the Family Reunion Music Festival. He spent a lot of time in the city as a young adult and he still gets back to the area regularly to visit with his family. In a special in-studio performance, BLAX performed the song “Black in America” which examines the deaths of African American men killed during interactions with the police. Click here to visit BLAX's Bandcamp Page

Guests: Nick Polce – Republican Primary Candidate for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District, Chris Trottier – Fundraiser for the Burlington Athletic Training Complex, Steve Tenhagen – Head Coach of the Burlington High School Football Team, Steve Tully – Burlington High School Senior who plays Safety, Nick Ramsay – Family Reunion Music Festival Co-Founder, Steve Mussenden – Racine Literacy Council Executive Director, BLAX – Rapper/Singer/Emcee/Producer

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