Racine & Me, Feb 13th 2016: DRC Valentine's Day, ESL at Mt. Pleasant COP House, 3P's Design

On this episode of Racine and Me, Valentines day is Sunday--and if you don’t have plans made for your sweetheart yet—you’re in luck--Downtown Racine Corporation tells us about all goings on that you can still get involved in.

Plus a program that is already doing so much good in Racine has added on another service.

The Mount Pleasant COP (community oriented policing) House is offering ESL lessons for free and we explain how you can sign up for them.

Plus if you need help designing your home but don’t have the extra money to hire someone or buy all new furniture, we introduce you to someone that can help.  Yogi with Pennie's Producing Palaces has an answer for that; she'll tell you all about her designs on a dime.

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