Racine & Me, April 23rd 2016: Band of Blue, Cooking with Erica, Training by J

On this episode of “Racine and Me,” police officers risk their lives every day to protect yours and unfortunately that means sometimes they don’t make it home.  We talk to a Racine based organization-called “Band of Blue,” that’s working to make the lives of the loved ones they left behind a little easier.

Plus- want to get your kids to eat healthier-but they don't like anything you cook? We have a local dietician and nutritionist...named Erica Cleven. She holds healthy cooking classes and has her own cookbook. She tells us some of her secrets, like the secret to getting your kids to eat veggies.

And finally, we're keeping things healthy-we talk to personal trainer Janelle Rogers about how to get fit for summer.

Guests: Lt. Mike Smith, Band of Blue; Erica Cleven, RDN; Janelle Rogers, Personal Trainer

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