Racine Man Destroys Girlfriends Christmas Tree, Presents and Decorations After Holiday Work Party

A Racine man destroyed his girlfriend’s Christmas decorations, tree, and presents after getting upset with her at a holiday work party.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman told police that they both drank alcohol at the holiday work party. An incident occurred that upset her boyfriend and he left her at the party.

He took her keys, purse and cell phone so she took an Uber ride home.

When she returned home she discovered he allegedly smashed her Christmas decorations, family heirlooms, glass mirror, Blue Tooth speaker and iPad.

According to the complaint, her curling iron and hair dryer were broken. Also, a box filled with Christmas presents was empty.

When she asked him what happened he called her a “wh*re” and slapped her twice.

He then allegedly began walking around her residence with scissors and cut the electrical cord to the Christmas tree, toaster, coffee pot, microwave and refrigerator.

He allegedly slapped her again and then picked her up and threw her on the bed and told her to go sleep.

She had four children living with her at the residence and they were present during the incident.

While she was on the phone with police, the boyfriend allegedly said he was going to murder her male co-worker and ruin her life.

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